Primal Kitchen is Here!

Posted by Deb Harper on

What is Primal Kitchen you ask? Anyone who is following a low carb/keto lifestyle or just trying to eat healthier knows just how hard it is to find certain products without all the unhealthy seed oils and sugar. Most salad dressings and condiments are packed with added sugars and use oils such as canola which contribute to systemic inflammation and disease, such as diabetes and arthritis, among many others. That’s where Primal Kitchen comes in. This line of products leaves out the sugar and only uses healthy avocado oil to create delicious salad dressings, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. We also carry healthy spaghetti sauce and a gluten free pasta alternative. So, if you are eating a low carb/keto diet or just trying to get a jump on your New Years resolution we have the healthy alternatives you are looking for. Be well !

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