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I sent my mother a publication on walking.  This is the note I got back from her.  I also remember my mother in law walking back and forth to the airport even into her eighties.  Here's to good health!  Cheers, Deb

We all learn how to walk at an early age and have spent years doing it.  Now that we are older. we have a tendency not to want to walk much. It is easier to sit and watch TV.

According to a report from the Harvard Medical School on walking to help overall general health, it said that walking can have a bigger impact on disease risk and various health concerns/conditions than any other remedy that is readily available.  Walking has practically no negative side effects and doesn’t cost much but time and energy.  Two and one half hours a week can cut the risk of heart disease by 30%.  It also can reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol and keep you mentally sharp.  Even a quick one-minute walk pays off.

So before the doctor fuses at us about getting more exercise and gives us a prescription to walk.  Let’s determine to do some outdoor, around the block walking.

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