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In reading about why walking is good for us, I discovered an article on the “sitting disease”.  While this is a not quite-medical phrase, it captures a list of ailments that are made worse by a sedentary lifestyle.

Prolonged sitting harms us in many ways and is now associated with 34 chronic diseases or conditions which includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.  Also a 2018 study found it may also be bad for your brain and lead to cognitive decline and dementia.

The human body is designed for activity. When the muscles are inactive, they don’t take up glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream as efficiently.  Blood pressure rises and sleep suffers.

 The new Physical Activity Guidelines for America, for the first time, recommend that in addition to getting regular workouts, adults should “move more and set less throughout the day.  So along with a routine of walking every day, plan to set your alarm/watch and get up and move around a little every hour for 5 minutes.  You can also take phone calls standing up, do some exercises during TV commercials, park a distance from entrances.  Long story short – don’t just sit – move.

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