Can I buy a handgun if I don't live here?
Unfortunately, no. Federal law prohibits purchasing a handgun if you don't live in Az. You can purchase a rifle or shotgun.
Do you carry kitten or puppy milk?
Yes we do. We have a great pet selection for all of your 4-legged friends' needs.
Do you carry K9 shots?
Yes, they are located in the Pharmacy.
Do you sell fishing licenses?
We sell both AZ Game and Fish and reservation permits.
Do you carry mouse traps?
Absolutely! We have a good assortment.
Do you sell worms?
Yes, located within the Sporting Goods Department.
Do you carry repellent and or netting for hats?
We have a real good assortment of repellent, netting and a LARGE assortment of hats.
What seasonal gear do you carry?
We carry everything from snow pants, hats, gloves to mittens. In the warmer months, we have rain gear and an AMAZING selection of hats.
Can I have a firearm sent to your store?
Yes you can. You will need the store/ website you purchased it from email our sporting goods dept. (sg@westerndrugstore.com), to request a copy of our FFl. Once it gets to our store, you will fill out a Form 4473. Successfully passing the background check and pay our transfer fee.
Why is there a limit on ammo? 
We currently have a 5 box limit on all of our ammo due to the ammo shortage caused by Covid-19. We do have ammo on order but unfortunately we don't know when we will be receiving  it. 
Do you ship ammo?  If not, why? 
We do not ship ammo because of the Hazmat handling it requires. 
What is your application process for a firearm?  How often do I need to check in? How do I find out about the status of my application?
To purchase a firearm from our store you do need to fill out a Form 4473 (Federal Background Check) each time you purchase a firearm. Occasionally a background will be put on delay so that the FBI can do more research. These delays can take up to 7 days before we hear back from the FBI. You may call our store and speak to a sporting goods associate to find out the status on your background check (928)333-4321x225
What ammo do you have in stock? 
Our current ammo inventory changes day to day, the best way to find if we have the ammo you are looking for is to call the store and speak to a sporting goods associate. (928)333-4321x225 
Do you ship to _______?  How do I get something mailed to me? 
We do mail items anywhere in the united states. Depending on the item shipping ranges from $9-$80. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping. Call 928-333-4321 for a more exact shipping cost. 
Do you have invertors?  If so, what brand and cost? 
Yes, we have Pulsar inverters. They run $554.37.

When do you get your yarn shipments? 

VDI comes in every other week, and Notions every 3rd week.  We got a VDI order on 8/11/2020 and a Notions order is anticipated to be here 8/17/2020.  There are a lot of manufacturers out of stock and no availability date yet.

What is InSync? 
The Insync program is designed to take all of the work out of refills your maintenance prescriptions.  First, we will sync all of your prescriptions onto one day to eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy. Our specially trained technicians will fax your doctors for refills and order your products in advance so all you have to think about is picking up all of your prescriptions without having to call them in or wait for them to be prepared. For out of town patients, free delivery is offered; out of town patients can take advantage of free mailing. Insync gives you the advantage of having a personal advocate in the pharmacy who is familiar with your medications and your needs. 
How much does it cost? 
This service is offered for free because we believe that is of value to all of our patients. 
What is a Parata Pack? 
Insync offers a special opportunity to have your medications packed for each day according to the times you take each medication. This offers you more control in knowing exactly how many days of medication you have left without having to use your valuable time to fill mediboxes. 
How much does it cost?
 Just like Insync, Parata packaging is free!
What happens if there are changes to my medications?  
Two weeks before we fill your medications, our Insync technicians call to see if any of your medications have changed or will be changing. This is a great time to customize exactly what you will pick up and give the Insync team enough time to follow up with your doctor to make sure the changes are received and ready. 
Can you put my over the counter medications in my packs? 
Absolutely! Putting over the counter supplements and vitamins in your packs in a great reminder to take daily and get their full benefit. Some over the counter medications are covered by insurance; if this is the case, Insync will take care of getting a script from your provider. Over the counters that are not covered will be charged a cash price; Insync will be able to give you a quote on that cost for you.
How long does it take to get started? 
If you call and sign up for Insync today, we will immediately start working on syncing all of your meds to one day. The first pick up date varies according to your medication needs and history, but we will take care of filling all of your Insync meds from then on out.